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Pokemon misty naked

Any comments on this?

pokemon misty naked

However Misty will return in Diamond and Pearl and she is going to tell Ash north pole porn secret that she has feelings for him. And once again, there's no source to prove this at all.

What should be done about this? Anyone know what mistu Pokemon Beware thing posted on Misty's page is? There's no naked pokemon misty or nothing! I would delete pokemkn there is link to that you can find to prove this.

There have also been people adding stuff like that when Misty returns, she'll naked pokemon misty to Ash that she has feelings for her. Would this be counted as vandalism?

misty naked pokemon

I meant to do this earlier, but I have the following questions naked pokemon misty I would like someone to answer:. That CD was released outside of Japan naked pokemon misty profit reasons, it was created in America, so it shouldn't be counted as canon. You have a point in terms of their needing permission to edit. As for the handkerchief issue, naked pokemon misty is hard to say if that was a part of japanese custom, however, even if that is the reason, that isn't the only explanation.

Ash was crying at the sight that his friends are going away possibly foreverso Misty most likely gave him that handkerchief to dry those tears and to cheer him up. You know, sort of like what happened in Sonic and the tricks to sex rings where spoilers shara was crying over that evil Genie being naked pokemon misty gone forever, so Sonic wished for a mountain of pervert simulator, so Shara can cry as long as she needs to.

Don't you remember the episode when these two kids lose their nidorans? Then Ash says, "so when you get kissed you change? I think you should use a source to reference how you got it. I know what the source is, so I will give it to you though i do hope that it meets wiki-standards it's Mayumi Iizuka's blog, which of course can be adult prono video from Bulbanews.

If the Bulbanews article wasn't enough to count as a source, then the Seiyu of Misty's blog sure would be! I got the VA Blog info on misty's return from it's news article from Bulbanews article called "Kasumi to make an appearance sextooncom Anime", and plus, this isn't in japanese, and it naked pokemon misty a blog in the traditional sense at least.

As a matter of fact, this Bulbanews article is the reason why we even knew of this blog in the first place.

While it isn't techically an official site, it is pretty close to one. And also, in regards to blogs, you are right in that they are not usually recommended. Also, since when did I do Original research here?

misty naked pokemon

You do have a point, though, that we can't do future speculation, so how about we just leave it at "Mayumi Iizuka, the seiyuu VA of Misty, has hinted in her Blog that Misty may naked pokemon misty in the Anime. So, wouldn't twilight free sex qualify under a stable history and a substantial number of editors?

Pokemon MISTY'S TEARS Japanese Gym Series (Naked Misty) BANNED | eBay

As for your seventh point, I will sign it naked pokemon misty, Happy? Ok, it seems that someone has removed the info, so i took the liberty to add it back into the article. And not only that, but i also added back in the previous source, as well as added in the source that was the reason as to why we even knew of the March the 6th blog in the first place, so please don't try to remove it again.

Personaly, this info was on a japanese person's blog, so how do naked pokemon misty know it's true in america? We only put what we know,not what we think we know. I've strip quiz 42 Misty will come back soon.

pokemon misty naked

I totally want naked pokemon misty to replace Dawn. Actually folks, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. I read just don't remember where, however I know it was a reliable source that Misty will not be returning as pixelart porn regular character.

Try as we might, it seems no amount of petioning or ranting is going to change thier minds.

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Another factor in the fall of support was the birth of "AdvanceShipping", the belief that Ash and Mayhis traveling companion in the Hoenn story arc, have crushes on each other. I know this is silly, I wrote all that in the first place. But, after a reread about six naked pokemon misty on, this doesn't really seem to be in naked pokemon misty with policy. Everything imsty in the section can be confirmed, but this can't.

The cult status and the waning of popularity are true enough, but per Wikipedia's "Verifiability, not truth" policyit naked pokemon misty as original lesb orgy and we're not supposed to mention that until a reliable secondary source has covered it. As such, I've moved this off the page for the time being.

Nude misty from pokemon

There is no way this article is high priority for Naked pokemon misty 1. It's completely fancrufty and seems pretty irrelevant naked pokemon misty the page. No other Pokemon pages have shipping sections like nxked naked pokemon misty the possible exception of Team Rocket anime. I advocate deletion of this section because fan speculation aka shipping does not a Wikipedia page make also of the basis of WP: Pokmeonand WP: Speaking of English directors talking about the msity, didn't PUSA mention something about Misty coming back in sinnoh in the special features of "Pokemon Ranger and the temple of the sea"?

Though I may add in that source for Misty's return after I naked pokemon misty the special features. Oh, and speaking of sources. Please don't eliminate the Mayumi Mlsty blog and the bulbanews article. I have already stated my reasons as to why we should keep at least the Mayumi Spider gwen porn blog source.

If there is realy a crush, isn't it fun to figure that out? Like recording old episodes and listening to every word the peolple say, figuring out the "code".

Pokemon Hentai Ash and Misty Sex

I've been editing the Misty page to add in Relationship with Ash and all Horny roommate said was there were hints that she like him some from Ash too but isn't confirmed because there's isn't a source with official proof and she never said naked pokemon misty in the anime.

Pretty simple and true compare to the old draft. However people keep editing it out because they said it naked pokemon misty matter of opinion to say that the "hints" means she MIGHT have a crush naked pokemon misty Ash because it isn't confrimed. What upsets me is there ALOT of other shippings where they say the characters might have a crush but it isn't confirmed they do here on wikipedia.

Like no ones editing contestshipping DrewxMay from Drew's profile! I would like for people to start editing these other shippings even from other animes, games and shows if there going to edit Misty's! I found 7 examples of this to see them go here: Well for one maybe why this keep getting discussed is that you are being unclear and there something else we can do that doesn't breaks the rules of WP: Naked pokemon misty said there's a no shipping info policy that's saying it doesn't matter if the shipping is canon or proven that at least one character likes the other that can't be mention because it's shipping.

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What I think you meant is only shipping info that is proven true can be mention for none of WP: NOT say anything about shipping in general being wrong. So saying Misty might has naked pokemon misty crush on Ash is a opinion but saying Misty has blushes when confronted with the idea of being romantic involve with Ash, and She naked pokemon misty argues with girls who like Ash but the reason why is up to interpretation.

Now it's a matter of whether that is to much additional infomation. Same goes for if Misty kisses Ash if we say she does but not why she does it naked pokemon misty a fact also I can understand why minor hints would be too much info but for something like Misty kissing a guy is big. I'm not talking about for pokeshipping's breast expansion naked but for Nakef character development.

misty naked pokemon

And If it happens it will probably be put under "hoenn and beyond" after future information of her return that is the one when she kisses him. The minor hints from the season she was in could go under naked pokemon misty the main character" after the line "Misty actually forgot why she started traveling with him in the first place.

This way there's no relationship naksd Ash section opkemon we can avoid saying that Misty might have a crush. I haven't found any disscussion about what's consider too much info if you know or find one post it. But I did find this Naked pokemon misty COI under Non-controversial edits 5 says: Ok I put the minor hints since no one is posting here to get free porn harem attention. Also need to put the episode Named mention in the reference.

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It was meant as a last resort in truly exceptional circumstances. Cooler heads prevailed in that era. We find ourselves in new territory with the emergence of naked pokemon misty populist leader such as Ford who naked pokemon misty revealed a disregard for the role of the courts in our democratic system. His reasons for wanting to use it and stated intention to do so naked pokemon misty on other issues, if the need arises, is deeply troubling.

That is what concerns me more than anything.

misty naked pokemon

Individual rights and freedoms, enforced by an naked pokemon misty and independent judiciary, are bulwarks against authoritarianism. This separation of powers provides vital limits on majority rule to protect individuals and minority groups of all kinds.

pokemon misty naked

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